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Dryer aerodynamic SAD-0.4-0.8 models

Dryer aerodynamic SAD-0.4-0.8 models
  • Dryer aerodynamic SAD-0.4-0.8 models
  • Dryer aerodynamic SAD-0.4-0.8 models
  • Dryer aerodynamic SAD-0.4-0.8 models
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Aerodynamic dryers are used in production lines of fuel briquettes and granules.

The main advantages of dryers of this type are low operating costs, profitability. Having rather small overall dimensions and compactness, the dryer is capable to dry up from 400 to 1200 kg depending on model of the dryer and type of raw materials.

Feature of this type of dryers is ability to dry only the crushed raw materials with fraction no more than 7 mm. Special attention at the choice of the aerodynamic dryer needs to be paid on the fact that overall performance depends on initial humidity of raw materials, humidity should not exceed 60% for wood - waste and 30% for selsko - economic waste (straw, elevator waste etc. ).

In order that the dryer could work for example at straw and wood sawdust it is necessary to buy the additional heatgenerator in advance. This need is caused by the fact that in the course of drying of sawdust temperature from 900 to 1200 is necessary With, and it is possible to reach these indicators on temperature only when using in the course of drying of furnace gases. At the same time for drying of straw or other agricultural waste use of furnace gases can lead to ignition of raw materials therefore for the dryer of waste of agriculture hot air with the maximum temperature up to 600C is used. For heating of air the heatgenerator structurally different from the heatgenerator for drying of sawdust is used.

In conclusion there is a wish to note that use of aerodynamic dryers in lines of briquetting or granulation, allows to reduce cost value of finished goods, to thereby have competitive price in the market.

Manufacturer:Брикетирующие технологии
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of fuel:Solid
Information is up-to-date: 19.03.2020
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